So I Know It’s Real [ Part I ]

I always say that the only way I know it’s “real” is if you make me a Spotify (or your mode/medium of choice — it could be an old school “burned” mix CD for all I care) playlist. And I mean it.

When I say “it’s real”, it can mean any number of things. But if you purport to feel any kind of way (good, bad, ugly or otherwise) about me, the only way I’ll take it seriously is if there is a playlist attached to it.

Do you miss me? Do you want me? Are you sorry? Do you hate me? Do you love me? Make me a playlist.

That said, this playlist is for you. You’ll know who you are if you listen to it. This playlist is intentional (and carefully curated). I don’t know if you’ll stumble across this. I guess that’s for the universe to decide. Not you, but you. You know who you are.

But y’all should listen to it, too. There are some dope tracks.