Ordinary Pain.

The song “Ordinary Pain” by Stevie Wonder (1976, from the Songs in the Key of Life album) has always touched me. The juxtaposition of the song’s two parts really speaks to the experiences that have framed my love life.

Songs in the Key of Life © 1976 |  Stevie Wonder

And frankly, as you’ll see as you browse my posts, I’ve experienced more than just the run of the mill, “ordinary pain” when it comes to love and relationships.

When you by chance / Go knock on her door / Walkin’ away you’re convinced that it’s much more / Than just an ordinary pain in your heart / It’s more than just / An ordinary pain in your heart (Stevie Wonder, “Ordinary Pain”)

This blog is an outlet for me to rant about my love and relationship experiences. It may come off as whiny, bitter and petty, but it’s cathartic to me. Also, check the disclaimer for some more context about how I run this blog (I promise, it’s not my goal to be messy).

Don’t fool yourself / But tell no one else / That it’s more than just / An ordinary pain / In your heart (Stevie Wonder, “Ordinary Pain”)

I’m not fooling myself anymore, but I do have to tell my story.