About Me.

Midwestern (United States) gal, wounded soul, undercover overlover, narcissist, passive-aggressive, petty, dramatic, foul-mouthed, verbose, lover of ellipses, parentheses, sarcasm, grammatically incorrect conjunctions, sentence fragments, and run-on sentences. I’m wordy AF.

I was a “blogger” back in the days of “Livejournal”, “Diaryland” and “Greymatter“…before the word “blog” really existed (I think we called them “weblogs” and “journals” back then). I had a fairly popular website back in the day. Then, life got in the way, and I stopped writing.

It’s been almost 20  years since my last blog, and I welcome this opportunity to share my world with those of you who’d like to share this crazy journey with me.

I’m learning to pack light. baggage is so heavy. My back hurts.

| If you want to reach out, DM me on IG @retrosoul__ |